The Past Year

2018 was a year of many firsts; I filmed more weddings than ever before, was the Director of Photography on my first short, worked with some amazing Indianapolis based brands, and made a ton of new friends along the way.

In 2019 I’ll be taking a break from wedding filmmaking. I’ve truly enjoyed helping people remember and tell the story of their wedding day but I’m unable to deliver the quality of wedding videos I want in a timely fashion due to my full time job. In addition to filmmaking, I’ll be working with ArtSpeak to start filming more artists in their “natural habitat” and my band, Saint Aubin, will be releasing our first full length record, along with multiple music videos & partnerships with Indy artists & brands.

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Our Latest Film

Brianne & Jimmy Paik | Indianapolis, IN

I met Brianne & Jim before they were "an item" at a dinner party at Brianne's house.  I was lucky enough to watch their love bloom over the intervening years and even luckier to film their wedding. The wedding was a not only an amazing party, but a beautiful display of love for their families & friends. 

This wedding was filmed just outside of Indianapolis at The Barn at Kennedy Farms a renovated, rustic barn with a beautiful estate. Although the weather was cold, overcast, and windy, the sun decided to make an appearance at the minute and we were able to get some stunning footage of Brianne & Jim in the warm sunset.



Marriage is one of the most beautiful symbols of love and commitment in the world, and your wedding day is the public culmination of that love. Ask anyone who's married and they'll tell you how quickly their wedding day flew by. As a filmmaker, I want to help you capture, remember, and tell your wedding day story like it happened yesterday.



Every company wants to tell a compelling story, and film can take your stories to the next level. Whether you need to attract the top talent to your company, get your product in front of the right prospect, or capture a company meeting, we've got what you need!

Notable Brands


As a founder of the Independent band, Saint Aubin, I've spent a ton of time around music and love using film to enhance music. If you're an artist who'd like to capture a live performance, create a music video, or promote your next album release, I'd love to work with you! 



I started making little films from an early age. As a kid, my family couldn't afford a camera, so I convinced my uncle to let me borrow his old, miniDV camera which was quickly broken. I saved up through school to get a camera after I graduated and quickly sold it to fund moving to a new city for college. In the past few years I've started creating again and have loved every minute of it! Follow me on social media and check out my featured video to see my adventures!


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A beautiful film can captivate and convey emotions in a way that few mediums can. I'd love to help capture your experiences and create beautiful films.

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